In 2022, we are committed to bringing Subjects of Desire into as many classrooms, corporate/professional spaces, and community settings as possible. Because this is a film that requires unpacking in a supportive environment, we have invested considerable time in creating resources and talk-back opportunities to accompany the film.

What can the film do?

Subjects of Desire can be used as a conversation starter, a training tool, and a catalyst for change!

The film can help us:

  • Create spaces for Black girls and women to connect, engage, heal and celebrate themselves. 
  • Facilitate dialogue that provides understanding and insight about the dynamics of race, systemic inequity and the nuances of culture. 
  • Challenge and address significant media misrepresentation, biases, and negative stereo-types of Black women
  • Inspire interracial conversations and build allyship around the themes explored in the film
  • Educate folks about damaging cultural appropriation trends like Black-fishing
  • Encourage Black men to better understand and support of Black women
  • Inspire intergenerational conversations between Black mothers and daughters

Who should consider using the film?

  • Mentorship and Leadership Groups for Young Women
  • Women Focused Support Groups and Organizations
  • Professional Associations and Corporate Collectives for Women
  • EDI Initiatives + Programs
  • Black Rights and Advocacy Groups
  • Health and Beauty Industry Leaders and Influencers
  • Men’s Groups
  • Post-Secondary Film and Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Black History Departments
  • Middle and High School Educators